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  1. [construct, build, design, put up] a dam
  2. build a dam to [prevent, avoid, stop] (flooding)
  3. a dam [in the river, downstream, upstream]
  4. the dam [broke, burst, gave way]
  5. a [crack, leak, breach] in the dam
  6. the dam is leaking
  7. [fix, repair] a leaky dam
  8. the [water, flow] is [blocked, shut out] by the dam
  9. the water [burst, broke, flooded] through the dam
  10. the [building, construction] of the dam
  11. (the) Hoover Dam
  12. [open, close] the dam
  13. the dam is [open]
  14. a hydroelectric dam
  15. blocked by a beaver's dam
n as adj
  1. the dam [walls, parts, sections]
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