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  1. a [school, work] day
  2. [had, am having] a [bad, good] day
  3. [an average, a normal, a regular] day
  4. how was your day?
  5. what day [suits you best, is best for you]?
  6. on the [first] day of [November, the year]
  7. any day but [tomorrow, Saturday]
  8. took me the [whole, entire] day to
  9. spent [the, all] day [working, at the office, in bed]
  10. have been [running around, working, studying] all day
  11. will be [running around] all day (tomorrow)
  12. the store opens [every day, six days a week]
  13. the [package, parcel] should be here any day (now)
  14. a day out
  15. a day on the [beach, boat, road]
  16. a day at the [cabin, office]
  17. a day in the [car, wilderness]
  18. the day after tomorrow
  19. the day before yesterday
  20. a day of [remembrance, mourning]
  21. on a day like any other
  22. [three] days [earlier, later, before]
  23. at the break of day
  24. at the [start, end] of the day
  25. in the middle of the day
  26. the day is almost over
  27. the day is just beginning
  28. have [an exciting, a long] day ahead of us
  29. the day has gone [well, as expected] (so far)
  30. one day I will [succeed, finish, leave]
  31. [would, will] be a cold day in hell when
  32. spend a day in his shoes
  33. spent five days [at sea, on a desert island, in a cave]
  34. those were the days!
  35. (way) back in the good old days
  36. back in the day (when)
  37. what a day for [giving up smoking]!
  38. [what, such] a [rotten, rainy, miserable, sunny] day!
  39. [let's, we should] call it a day
  40. they are day and night (to each other)
  41. you've made my day!
  42. seize the day
n as adj
  1. work the day shift
  2. has a day job
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