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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [store, window, display, crash-test, waxwork] dummy
  2. crash-test dummies in car [plants, manufacturing]
  3. a dummy for [biology, first-aid, safety] classes
  4. practice [first-aid, CPR] on a dummy
  5. the [sweater, dress, pants] on the store dummy
  6. a ventriloquist's dummy
  7. a ventriloquist with her dummy
  8. a dummy when it comes to [gardening, home improvement]
  9. [programming, gardening, carpentry, electricity] for dummies
  10. don't be a dummy, [get over here, get going]!
  11. just [sat, stood] there like a dummy
  12. don't be such a dummy!
  13. [say, do] something, you dummy!
  14. some dummy [mixed up the bookings, broke the glass]
  15. UK: the child still uses a dummy
  16. UK: was sucking on her dummy
  17. UK: put a dummy in [her, the baby's] mouth
  18. it's just a dummy for [display, the store]
  1. a dummy [prop, bomb, bullet]
  2. a dummy [company, organization, entity]
  3. a dummy [run, rehearsal, performance, argument]
  4. UK: a dummy [free kick, penalty, pass]
  5. is (just) playing dummy

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