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  1. have (to go to) jury duty
  2. [got, was assigned, is doing] jury duty
  3. on [housekeeping, babysitting] duty
  4. is on active duty
  5. am [on, off duty] (right now)
  6. was off duty when she (saw the incident)
  7. [drunk, under the influence] while on duty
  8. am on [cooking, childcare] duty
  9. am on duty [tonight, tomorrow]
  10. am on duty until [9:00]
  11. duty and [responsibility, obligation]
  12. am reporting for duty
  13. answered the call of duty
  14. his [third] tour of duty
  15. was [suspended from, relieved of] all duties
  16. it is your [first, number one] duty to
  17. is your duty to [protect, provide, ensure]
  18. [have, feel] a duty towards
  19. pay [a customs, an import] duty
  20. pay duty at [customs, the border]
  21. a [super, heavy] -duty [tape, container, material]
  22. a [strong, deep, profound] sense of duty
  23. duty free
  24. duty-free [goods, fragrances, cigarettes]
n as adj
  1. is a duty-free zone
  2. an off-duty [policeman, surgeon]
  3. have an ear infection
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