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  1. [property, building, commercial, investment, capital] equity
  2. money [built up, accumulated] in equity
  3. has [built up] [$50,000] in equity
  4. has [ten] percent equity in the company
  5. has equity in the [start-up, business, organization, club]
  6. has [$50,000] in equity
  7. has a [$50,000] equity in the [house, building]
  8. equity among [individuals, workers, citizens, students, people]
  9. [guarantee, provide, ensure] equity of access
  10. is a member of (Actors') Equity
  11. law: the equity of redemption
n as adj
  1. equity [shares, securities, loans]
  2. [pay off, grant, approve] an equity loan
  3. private equity [firms, investments]
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