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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. fiddle with [her hair, a pencil]
  2. is always fiddling with [her hair]
  3. fiddled nervously with [her hair]
  4. just fiddling (around)
  5. fiddle (around) during [class, the presentation, the exam]
  6. fiddle around to get it [to work, working]
  7. fiddle with the [radio dial, broken toaster, car]
  8. stop fiddling around (with)
  9. [accused, suspected, guilty] of fiddling [the figures, their expenses]
  10. [accused, suspected, guilty] of fiddling with children
  11. fiddle (with) the settings
  12. fiddle at [a recital, school, the park]
  1. is learning to play the fiddle
  2. plays the fiddle in the [band, group, jam sessions]
  3. string instruments [like, including] the fiddle
  4. idiom: playing second fiddle to her (friend)
  5. idiom: feeling as fit as a fiddle
  6. UK, slang: [a mortgage, an insurance, a cash] fiddle
  7. UK, slang: got himself into a bit of a fiddle
  8. UK, slang: getting [the dog's, cat's] hairs out is a real fiddle!
  9. UK, slang: was a real fiddle to [insert, set up, open]
n as adj
  1. is taking fiddle [classes, lessons]
  2. is his fiddle [instructor, teacher]
  3. fiddle [strings, bows, cases]
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