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  1. the [unemployment, sales] figures
  2. the [final, preliminary] figures
  3. has a [six] -figure [income, salary]
  4. an [enticing, unaffordable, astronomical] figure
  5. (double) check [the, your] figures
  6. the [accountants, directors] were [sweating, pouring] over the figures
  7. your figures are [off, wrong, incorrect]
  8. the figures (don't) look [good, great, promising]
  9. is (just) a figure of speech
  10. the figures have [risen, fallen]
  11. the figures have gone [up, down]
  12. the figures for [2015, January]
  13. [see, check] the figure on [page 2]
  14. see the figure [above, below]
  15. (see) figure 2
  16. [trace, make, draw] a figure 8
  17. a political figure
  18. a central figure in [politics, acting, astrophysics]
  19. a figure of [authority, fun]
  20. saw a [tall, short, large, shadowy, mysterious] figure
  21. could make out a figure in the [street, sea, distance]
  22. has a [fine, plump, lovely, gorgeous] figure
  23. a figure like [a bottle, an hourglass]
  24. [tone, improve, work on] your figure
  25. am watching my figure
  26. is a [mother, father] figure for
  27. play with an action figure
n as adj
  1. a six-figure sum
  2. figure drawing
  1. I figure [he'll, it can't]
  2. figured it [would, wouldn't, could, might]
  3. (we) figured on him [being, having to]
  4. figure the [best, worst, whole]
  5. figure it into the [equation, solution, decision]
  6. doesn't figure on this [list, report, email, instruction]
  7. figure out the [problem, truth, mystery]
  8. figure out [how, what, who]
  9. [go, why don't you] figure it out!
  10. figure up the [bill, total]
  11. US: go figure!
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