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  1. is in a frenzy about
  2. [he, the town] is in a frenzy (over)
  3. what are you in such a frenzy about?
  4. a [complete, total] frenzy
  5. there is a frenzy in [downtown]
  6. am in a frenzy to [find, solve, make]
  7. was a frenzy at the [mall, sales]
  8. now that the frenzy is over
  9. (went on) a [buying, shopping] frenzy
  10. is prone to [odd, occasional] frenzies
  11. [fans, shoppers, visitors] were in a frenzy [over, about]
  12. is just another media frenzy
  13. caught up in a media frenzy
  14. there is a media frenzy [over, about]
  15. [whipped, got] the crowd into a frenzy
  16. hurled the [board, chair, dishes] in a frenzy
  17. feed a frenzy of [rumors, speculation]
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