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  1. feel the [cat's, dog's] soft fur
  2. brush the [cat's] fur
  3. was [licking, cleaning] its fur
  4. was stroking the [cat's] fur
  5. there is fur all over the house
  6. there is [dog, cat] fur all over the [house, chair, carpet]
  7. is shedding fur all over (the house)
  8. fur to keep warm (in the winter)
  9. shiny [black, golden] fur
  10. has [matted, tangled, drenched] fur
  11. a [thick, thin, balding] coat of fur
  12. the [coat, hat] is made of fur
  13. a [coat] lined with fur
  14. made of [mink, beaver] fur
  15. there's a [sale, discount] on (all) furs
  16. [got, scraped] the fur off his tongue
n as adj
  1. wear a (fake) fur [coat, hat]
  2. made a fortune in the fur trade
  3. the coat has a fur [collar, hood]
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