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  1. the human heart
  2. a [pig, rat] heart
  3. a [pig's] heart
  4. his heart stopped
  5. her heart stopped [pumping blood, beating]
  6. his heart went into [fibrillation, arrest, cardiac arrest]
  7. the [blow, drugs] stopped her heart (from pumping blood)
  8. had to restart his heart
  9. the health of your heart
  10. get to the heart of the [problem, issue, disagreement, argument]
  11. get at the heart of the [problem]
  12. [ripped, clawed, tore] his heart out
  13. know (it) in my heart
  14. in my heart I know [it] is true
  15. is [generous, good, evil] at heart
  16. has a [generous] heart
  17. love you with all my heart
  18. from the bottom of my heart
  19. wears her heart on her sleeve
  20. [follow, listen to] your heart
  21. not for [weak, faint] hearts
  22. didn't have the heart to [argue, carry on, bother]
  23. the heart of the [town, city, forest]
  24. the [jack, queen, king, ace] of hearts
  25. a woman after my own heart!
  26. my heart bleeds (for you)!
  27. have a heart and let him [free, go]
  28. well, his heart's in the right place
  29. took the [loss, comment, rejection] to heart
n as adj
  1. check your heart rate
  2. suffers from heart [palpitations, disease, arrhythmia]
  3. had a heart attack
  4. went into heart failure
  5. a heart valve
  6. needs a heart [transplant, bypass]
  7. needs open heart surgery
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