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  1. the [outer, outside, inner, inside] lane (of)
  2. the [central, middle] lane of the [highway, freeway]
  3. a [four] -lane [highway, freeway]
  4. the [highway] has [four] lanes
  5. adding a lane to the [highway]
  6. a [sea, shipping, docking, boat, bicycle] lane
  7. the [track, highway, road] lanes
  8. [crossed, swerved] (over) into my lane
  9. signal when changing lanes
  10. the [fast, slow] lane
  11. [take, stay in] the [right, left] lane
  12. was [driving, cycling, going] in the wrong lane
  13. overtake on the [outside, inside] lane
  14. just [cut across, veered into] my lane!
  15. the [athlete, sprinter] ran [out of, into] her lane
  16. [swam, ventured, strayed] into the [next, adjacent] lane
  17. will be [running, starting] from lane [four]
  18. won the race from lane [eight]
  19. [rolled, hurtled, launched] the ball down the (bowling) lane
  20. live on a [quiet, narrow, historic, newly built] lane
  21. [walk, stroll, drive] [up, down] the lane
  22. [walk] up and down the lane
  23. the [project, development] is really in the fast lane now
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