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  1. lock the [door, car, house, safe]
  2. lock your [computer, account]
  3. lock up when [you leave, you're done]
  4. lock up your [valuables, gold, diamonds]
  5. don't forget to lock (up) your
  6. locked up the [vandals, prisoners, rioters]
  7. lock [vandals] up
  8. they locked him away (for)
  9. locked myself out (of the house)
  10. lock down a [job, interview, client]
  11. locked to [prevent, protect, keep]
  12. locked with a key
  13. my [knees, joints, jaw] locked
  14. locked my [knees]
  15. locked up in front of [her, everyone, the class]
  16. her eyes locked [on, onto]
  17. kept her eyes locked on [me, his face]
  18. lock on to the [target, jet]
  19. the [missile, pilot] locked onto the [target]
  20. lock with [the deadbolt, a key, an alarm]
  21. locked into [place, position]
  1. a [door, window, bike, car, drawer, steering] lock
  2. a [key, combination, fingerprint] lock
  3. [bolt, metal, deadbolt] locks
  4. [turned, fastened, bolted] the lock
  5. the key turned [firmly, smoothly, awkwardly] in the lock
  6. [broke, forced, picked, snapped] the lock
  7. release the [gun, rifle, firearm, safety] lock
  8. was [kept, guarded] under lock and key
  9. has her under lock and key
  10. has a lock on the [championship, primaries, negotiations]
  11. a security lock on the [device, computer, phone, entrance]
  12. a lock of (her) [curly, straight, black, wavy] hair
  13. has such [bouncy, shiny, soft, curly] locks
  14. the [barge, ship] [passed, navigated] through the lock
  15. a system of locks
n as adj
  1. the lock [gate, keeper, system]
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