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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. in nearly all cases
  2. in nearly every [aspect, major, state]
  3. cost nearly [$400]
  4. took nearly [four hours] to [finish, make, do]
  5. nearly [two years] later
  6. are nearly the same [kind, color, shape size]
  7. was nearly impossible
  8. oh, I nearly forgot
  9. [it's, that's] nearly new
  10. he nearly [won, made it, had a crash]
  11. are you nearly [finished, done]?
  12. is nearly [finished, over]
  13. a nearly perfect [essay, plan, diamond]
  14. have nearly enough to
  15. is not nearly enough (money)
  16. is not nearly [good, wide, big] enough [to, for]
  17. [it's, it is] nearly time [to, for]
  18. nearly as [good, bad, well, important]
  19. UK: are we nearly there?
  20. I nearly always [forget, use, make]
  21. nearly everyone [agrees, is in agreement]
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