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  1. [laid, lazed, lounged, sat] around doing nothing
  2. did absolutely nothing to help
  3. had nothing to say [about it, in response]
  4. the [vacation, movie, game] was nothing special
  5. there is nothing to do (today)
  6. the [test, exam] was nothing really
  7. it [is, has] nothing at all to do with
  8. a lot of [fuss, arguing, hullabaloo, worry] about nothing
  9. [worry] [over, for] nothing
  10. (there) there is nothing (at all) you can do about it!
  11. their [efforts, plans, intentions] came to nothing
  12. there's nothing left to [say, do, eat, clean]
  13. there's nothing else I can [do, say, try]
  14. there's nothing better than [relaxing, being, going]
  15. wants nothing more than to
  16. slang: nope, I got nothing!
  17. nothing seems to be [wrong, out of place]
  18. nothing ever happens
  19. they [found, saw] nothing wrong (with)
  20. it was nothing short of [miraculous, a miracle, shameful]
  21. can make nothing of her [note, writing, handwriting, instructions]
  22. money is nothing without [love, health]
  23. the [child, prisoner, worker, student] was treated as a nothing
  24. [today, it, Wednesday] was a nothing kind of a day
  25. whispered sweet nothings into her ear
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