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  1. was a [great, fantastic, stunning, good, promising] performance
  2. [put on, gave] a [great] performance
  3. a [studio, live, TV, concert] performance
  4. [an award, a match, a prize, an Oscar] -winning performance
  5. her [test, exam, stage] performance
  6. the [actor's, player's, product's] performance
  7. [past, previous, prior, earlier] performances
  8. the [matinee, evening] performance of the [show, play, musical]
  9. gave the performance of her life (as)
  10. missed [his, my son's] (school) performance
  11. [evaluate, judge, rate] a performance
  12. how would you rate her performance?
  13. your performance in bed
  14. (his) sexual performance
  15. a great performance under [pressure, the circumstances]
  16. there are [two] performances every [evening, Saturday]
  17. the performance in terms of [quality, aesthetics, accuracy, expression]
  18. the performance of [tasks, duties, responsibilities]
  19. what a performance!
n as adj
  1. a performance [piece, artist]
  2. performance art
  3. (suffer from) performance anxiety
  4. performance [evaluation, rating, appraisal]
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