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  1. predator and prey
  2. is [a beast, a bird, an animal] of prey
  3. is the prey of the [wolf, mountain lion]
  4. is prey [to, for] the [wolf]
  5. [small, large, fast] prey
  6. [chased, caught, killed] its prey
  7. the [tiger, lion] was [observing, eyeing] its prey
  8. swooped down on its prey
  9. the cycle of predator and prey
  10. [fallen, dying, bleeding] prey
  11. slang: fall prey to [a pyramid scheme, bad influences, trick advertising]
  12. slang: are easy prey for [scammers, con artists]
  13. is a prey [animal, species]
  14. prey on [women, children, people]
  15. prey on innocent [people, victims]
  16. [prey, preying] on the [young, elderly, naive]
  17. preyed upon by [cats, birds, animals]
  18. prey at [night, dawn, daybreak]
  19. animals that prey [on, at, upon]
  20. prey in [groups, packs, order]
n as adj
  1. is a prey [animal, species]
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