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  1. a [new, rewarding, chosen, skilled, specific] profession
  2. the [accountancy, teaching, acting, medical] profession
  3. the profession of [accountancy]
  4. wants to get into the [accountancy] profession
  5. is an [accountant] by profession
  6. a [well, highly] -paid profession
  7. [take up, start, learn] a new profession
  8. the profession [requires, demands, calls for]
  9. [millions] work in the profession
  10. he is a [lawyer, doctor] by profession
  11. what is your profession?
  12. now works in [another, a different] profession
  13. was her [mother's, father's] profession
  14. [declare, make] a profession of faith
  15. a profession about [God, the Lord]
  16. a [direct, false, credible] profession (of faith)
  17. idiom: the world's oldest profession
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