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  1. have legal proof (of)
  2. [fresh, new] proof has [emerged, come to light, been discovered]
  3. [undeniable, irrefutable, solid] proof
  4. [photographic, DNA] proof
  5. find proof of the [crime, murder, robbery]
  6. the [police, investigators, authorities] found proof (of)
  7. the proof was [admitted, accepted, questioned, rejected, dismissed] in court
  8. the proof was [admitted] by the [courts, judge]
  9. this is no proof of (its) [validity, existence, identity]
  10. proof that he [stole, took, pocketed] the money
  11. proof of [how, when, where] (it happened)
  12. [approve, check, email] a (document) proof
  13. [read, edit, correct] the proofs
  14. proof of [purchase, delivery, sale, address]
  15. [give, show] your proof of purchase
  16. a [receipt, document, letter] showing proof of delivery
  17. [35] -percent proof [vodka, whiskey]
  18. a [drawing, document, advert] proof
  19. a proof for a [drawing]
  1. proof [a draft, a plan, a print, the article]
  2. proof your [manuscript, writing]
  3. the [book, novel] is proofed
  4. proof it for [spelling, accuracy, errors]
  5. proofed and [printed, edited, approved]
  6. proof it against [flooding, fire, termites]
  7. proof yeast with [sugar, water]
  1. is [tamper, idiot, future] -proof
  2. the [seal, device, software] is tamper-proof
  3. an idiot-proof [manual, idea, gadget, set of instructions]
  4. this [manual] is idiot-proof
  5. my [TV, television] is future-proof
  6. future-proof [technology, television, TV]
  7. the [tank, vehicle, suit] is proof against [high temperatures]
  8. [pure alcohol, this whiskey] is [190%, 80] -proof
  9. a proof [copy, print, layout, design]
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