'queen', 'Queen': [ˈkwiːn]

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the Queen of [England, Holland]
  2. Queen [Victoria, Elizabeth II]
  3. the [youngest, longest reigning] queen
  4. a [popular, young, beautiful] queen
  5. a [pop, stage, movie, beauty] queen
  6. was [crowned, the, this year's] homecoming queen
  7. the queen of [pop, rock]
  8. the queen [reigned, ruled] for [forty] years
  9. was [coronated, declared, crowned] queen
  10. was [knighted, honored] by the queen
  11. [fought, did her duty, did it] for Queen and country
  12. slang: don't be such a drama queen!
  13. offensive, slang: he's (such) [a, an old] queen!
  14. [took, beat] his opponent's queen
  15. the queen of [hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades]
  16. [a pair of, four] queens
  17. cards: he [dealt, picked, threw] a queen
  18. the queen's [consorts, husband, palace, reign, rule]
n as adj
  1. the queen bee
  2. UK: the Queen Mother
  3. [won, lost] the [beauty, homecoming] queen contest
  1. queened the [heir, princess]
  2. UK: was queening it over [everybody, her friends, her coworkers]
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