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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [pay, tax, interest, divorce, unemployment, growth, exchange] rate
  2. a [standard, fixed, variable, flat] rate (of)
  3. the [pass, failure, success] rate
  4. the government has [cut, raised, frozen] tax rates
  5. the unemployment rate has [fallen, dropped, risen]
  6. a [high, low, favorable] interest rate
  7. [fix, increase, lower, determine, fiddle] the interest rates
  8. the [forecasted, predicted, current, future] growth rate
  9. the [forecasted] rate of growth
  10. a growth rate of [0.7, 2.1] [points, percent]
  11. what is the going rate for [builders, babysitting]?
  12. UK: pay their [water, gas] rates
  13. paid [an hourly, a daily, a monthly] rate
  14. the rate of exchange
  15. the rate of return on [an investment, a stock]
  16. at an [alarming, incredible, unprecedented] rate
  17. [this, the current] rate is [sustainable, unsustainable, healthy, promising]
  18. the disease is [spreading, expanding] at an alarming rate
  19. [work, cycle, increase] at a [rapid, slow] rate
  20. will never [arrive, get there] at this rate
  1. rate your [experience, purchase]
  2. rate the [services, product, restaurant]
  3. rate the [article, response, thread]
  4. please rate from [1 to 10, poor to excellent]
  5. rate and review
  6. rated for [safety, low temperatures]
  7. rated by [users, buyers]
  8. the [movie, film] is rated [PG, R]
  9. [was, has been] rated [best, 3rd best, 2nd most, the highest-ever]
  10. (would) rate it at three stars
  11. [would, wouldn't] rate it as [good, poor, bad]
  12. how high [do, would] you rate it?
  13. rated [highly, poorly]
  14. the [hotel, restaurant] rates very [poorly] (for)
  15. I don't rate his chances (very highly)
  16. UK: I don't rate it
  17. UK: didn't rate with his [friends, coworkers, new classmates]
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