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  1. [daily, morning, office, work, home, family] routine
  2. [change, switch] up the [daily] routine
  3. break the [daily] routine
  4. a change in routine
  5. am finally getting into the routine [of my new job, at school]
  6. likes to stick to his routine
  7. a [person's, worker's] daily routine
  8. the baby's [sleeping, eating] routines
  9. the dull routine of a [production plant, factory]
  10. a [break, vacation] to get away from the routine
  11. get back into the routine
  12. functions well with routine
  13. [analyze, review, study] work routines
  14. feels [at ease, comfortable, better] in a routine
  15. needs more routine at [home, work]
  16. has his own routine [for, of]
  17. [perform, rehearse] a [comedy, dance, gymnastics] routine
  18. won the competition with a [stunning, flawless, perfect] routine
  19. scored a [9.2] on her routine
  1. a routine [visit, inspection, examination, checkup]
  2. a routine visit to the [doctor, vet, mechanic]
  3. a routine medical [exam, checkup, procedure]
  4. [conduct, go for, attend] a routine [dental, eye] [exam]
  5. this is [just, only, simply] a routine [visit]
  6. routine visits to [suppliers, customers, patient's, plants]
  7. routine [screening, maintenance, monitoring, surveillance]
  8. routine [tasks, exercises, jobs, lives]
  9. a routine and [boring, dull, tedious] job
  10. a routine [use, application, method, practice]
  11. just another routine day (at)
  12. [machines, plants, companies] are inspected on a routine basis
  13. take a break from your routine [life, work, existence]
  14. [sick of, fed up of, bored with] (doing) routine work
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