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  1. sadly, they can't [come, join us]
  2. sadly, she [lost, didn't get the job, wasn't selected]
  3. sadly, [no one, nobody] survived
  4. sadly for them
  5. is sadly [neglected, overlooked]
  6. is sadly [deficient, lacking] in
  7. is sadly [becoming, growing] used to
  8. will be sadly missed
  9. was [said, mentioned, expressed] sadly
  10. have to sadly [decline, refuse] (to)
  11. spoke sadly about
  12. sadly accepted [the news, their fate]
  13. sadly [died, passed away] (last night)
  14. yes, that is sadly the case
  15. yes, sadly, that is the case
  16. sadly, no
  17. no, sadly not
  18. is a sadly [exaggerated, common] example of
  19. the plan went sadly [wrong, pear-shaped, awry]
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