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  1. [a solid, a loose, a tight, an unsafe] structure
  2. a [circular, rectangular, triangular] structure
  3. a [glass, crystal, metal, wooden] structure
  4. the [building, house, property] structure
  5. a [huge, great, magnificent, horrendous] structure
  6. the structure of a [building, language, debate, wall]
  7. a structure made of [glass]
  8. the [company, organizational, hierarchical] structure
  9. the [book, movie, story] structure
  10. the [lexical, grammatical, linguistic] structure
  11. [language, question, sentence, phrase] structure
  12. [data, content, domain, directory] structure
  13. the structure of [plants, corals, proteins, DNA]
  14. needs structure [during the day, in class]
  15. need structure to [function, succeed]
  16. need [more, less] structure
  1. structure an [argument, article, essay]
  2. structure your [investments, finances]
  3. structure the [company, business, environment, classroom] (so that)
  4. structure the [meeting, debate, conversation] (so that)
  5. structured to [provide, meet, ensure, allow, attract, support]
  6. structure and organize
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