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  1. [oily, expensive, dangerous, healthy, black] stuff
  2. all [kinds, sorts, types] of stuff
  3. yes, that kind of stuff
  4. [some, all, most of] my stuff
  5. [throw, put] (all) that stuff away
  6. why do you [keep, waste] so much stuff?
  7. what is all this stuff?
  8. [left, dropped off] my stuff at my [parents', brother's] place
  9. [clean, give away] stuff from the closet
  10. store stuff in the [garage, attic, lock-up]
  11. said some [horrible, meaningful, hurtful] stuff (about him)
  12. have got a lot of stuff to [deal with, get through, do]
  13. what kind of stuff do you like to [eat, do, read]?
  14. [love, hate] this kind of stuff!
  15. that's just [children's, kids'] stuff!
  16. don't sweat the small stuff
  17. this is the good stuff
  18. [has, is made of] the right stuff
  19. is made of [sterner, tougher] stuff
  20. is the stuff [dreams, heroes] are made of
  1. stuff a [pillow, cushion, toy]
  2. stuff a [pillow] with
  3. stuff it with [straw, feathers, foam, cotton]
  4. stuff [the turkey, a chicken]
  5. stuff it with [sage and onions, chestnut and apricot]
  6. stuff the [peppers, mushrooms] with [cheese, meat]
  7. stuff your face with [pizza, junk food, french fries]
  8. stuff yourself with [junk food]
  9. stuff it into your [bag, purse, trunk]
  10. stuff [clothes, books] into your [suitcase, bag]
  11. stuffed it in my [suitcase]
  12. stuff a ballot box
  13. stuffed it up [again, last time]
  14. vulgar, slang, UK: stuff [it, you]!
  15. vulgar, slang, UK: get stuffed!
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