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  1. to avoid tolls
  2. missed a toll
  3. how much is the toll?
  4. a [fifty-cent] toll
  5. paid [$10] dollars in tolls
  6. does this [highway, route] have tolls?
  7. take a longer route without tolls
  8. the quickest route avoiding tolls
  9. pay a [highway, bridge] toll
  10. pay a toll to [use the highway, cross the bridge]
  11. this [job, day, position] is taking a toll on me
  12. is [beginning, starting] to take its toll (on)
  13. has certainly taken [a, its] toll on me
  14. the conflict took a [brutal, heavy] toll (of)
  15. the death toll has [reached, surpassed] [1,000]
  16. the toll from the [earthquake, attack, tsunami]
  17. the toll of the bell
  18. pay the telephone toll
  1. the [bell, bell tower, clock] tolled
  2. the [bell] tolled at [noon, midnight, 2:00]
  3. the bell tolled for her (death)
  4. toll a bell
  5. tolled in the [morning, afternoon]
  6. tolled in [mourning, remembrance]
  7. tolled on [Friday, the anniversary]
  8. toll the [drivers, commuters]
  1. a toll-free telephone number
  2. call [us, our hotline] toll-free
n as adj
  1. take the toll [road, bridge] (to)
  2. try to avoid toll roads
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