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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. take the trash out
  2. did you take the trash out (yet)?
  3. take the trash out to the curb
  4. still have to take the trash [out, to the curb]
  5. empty (out) the trash
  6. the trash is full
  7. empty the trash out of your pockets
  8. do you have any trash to throw away?
  9. throw [it] in the trash
  10. do you [have, see] a trash anywhere?
  11. can you throw this in the trash (for me)?
  12. pick up trash on the [street, side of the road]
  13. [looking, searching, rummaging] in the trash
  14. found the weapon in the trash
  15. the streets are full of trash
  16. there is trash everywhere
  17. the smell of burning trash
  18. take the trash to the dump
  19. figurative: what kind of trash would [do, say] that?
  20. figurative: am [sick, tired] of this trash
  21. slang, offensive: [trailer, white] trash
  22. this [movie, school district, book] is trash
n as adj
  1. trash day
  2. trash [disposal, removal, pickup]
  3. a trash [bag, can]
  4. use a trash compactor
  5. is always trash talking
  6. need to work on your trash talk
  7. trash [culture, TV]
  1. trash the [house, apartment, joint, place]
  2. [he, the party] trashed the [house]
  3. trash a [file, folder, database, disk]
  4. trash [trees, plants, sugar cane]
  5. trash the [movie, restaurant, team, idea]
  6. the [movie] was trashed (by critics)
  7. trash your [empties, beer cans, dirty diapers]
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