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  1. a [private, luxury, luxurious, new] yacht
  2. [owns, has] a [private] yacht
  3. watched the [regatta, race] from a (private) yacht
  4. a [sixty] -foot yacht
  5. [step, get, hop] onto the yacht
  6. [rented, hired] a yacht
  7. had [catering, servants, a cook] on the yacht
  8. [skirted, sailed around] the island in a yacht
  9. yachts moored in the [port, harbor, marina]
  10. [expensive, pricey] mooring fees for yachts
n as adj
  1. yacht [maintenance, repairs, mooring fees]
  2. a member of a yacht [club, association]
  3. take part in a yacht race
  4. [organize, sell, offer] yacht charters
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