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Blind can be an adjective, a verb, or a noun.
used as an adjective
If someone is blind, they cannot see, because there is something wrong with their eyes.
He is ninety-four years of age and he is blind, deaf, and bad-tempered.
Be careful
Don't say that ‘someone’s eyes are blind'.
used as a verb
If something blinds you, it makes you blind.
The acid went on her face and blinded her.
If something blinds you to a situation, it prevents you from being aware of it. This is the most common use of the verb blind.
He never let his love of his country blind him to his countrymen's faults.
used as a noun
You can refer to all the blind people in a country as the blind.
What do you think of the help that's given to the blind?
A blind is a wide roll of cloth or paper which you can pull down over a window in order to keep the light out, or to prevent people from looking in.
She slammed the window shut and pulled the blind.
In American English, a device like this is sometimes called a shade or window shade.
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