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free - freely
no controls
You use free as an adjective to describe activities that are not controlled or limited.
We believe in free speech.
The elections were free and fair.
Don't use ‘free’ as an adverb with this meaning. Use freely.
We are all friends here and I can talk freely.
no payment
If something is free, you can have it or use it without paying for it.
The coffee was free.
Many children are entitled to free school meals.
The adverb you use with this meaning is free, not ‘freely’. For example, you say ‘Pensioners can travel free on the buses’. Don't say ‘Pensioners can travel freely on the buses’.
Children can get into the museum free.
If something is cut or pulled free, it is cut or pulled so that it is no longer attached to something or no longer trapped. Don't say that something is cut or pulled ‘freely’.
She tugged to get it free.
I shook my jacket free and hurried off.
If you are free at a particular time, you are not busy. Free time is time when you are not busy.
They spend most of their free time reading.
Are you free on Tuesday?
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