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A•don•is  (ə donis, ə dōnis),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Mythology[Class. Myth.]a youth slain by a wild boar but permitted by Zeus to pass four months every year in the lower world with Persephone, four with Aphrodite, and four wherever he chose.
  2. a very handsome young man.
  • 1615–25 for def. 2

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Adonis /əˈdəʊnɪs/ n
  1. a handsome youth loved by Aphrodite. Killed by a wild boar, he was believed to spend part of the year in the underworld and part on earth, symbolizing the vegetative cycle
  2. a handsome young man
Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin, via Greek Adōnis from Phoenician adōni my lord, a title of the god Tammuz; related to Hebrew Adonai

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