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a•men /ˈeɪˈmɛn, ˈɑˈmɛn/USA pronunciation   interj. 
  1. (used after a prayer to express solemn agreement) it is so;
    so be it.
  2. (used to express agreement or approval) certainly;

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a•men  men, ämen),USA pronunciation interj. 
  1. it is so;
    so be it (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement).

  1. verily;

  1. an utterance of the interjection "amen.''
  2. Music and Dancea musical setting for such an utterance.
  3. an expression of concurrence or assent:The committee gave its amen to the proposal.
  • Hebrew āmēn certainty, certainly
  • Greek
  • Late Latin
  • Middle English, Old English bef. 1000

A•men  mən),USA pronunciation n. [Egyptian Myth.]
  1. Eastern Religionsa primeval deity worshiped esp. at Thebes, the personification of air or breath represented as either a ram or a goose (later identified with Amen-Ra).
Also,  Amon. 

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Amen, Amon, Amūn /ˈɑːmən/ n
  1. a local Theban god, having a ram's head and symbolizing life and fertility, identified by the Egyptians with the national deity Amen-Ra

amen /ˌeɪˈmɛn; ˌɑːˈmɛn/ interj
  1. so be it!: a term used at the end of a prayer or religious statement
  1. the use of the word amen, as at the end of a prayer
Etymology: 13th Century: via Late Latin via Greek from Hebrew āmēn certainly

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