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Lang•ley  (langlē),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalEdmund of. See  York, Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of. 
  2. Samuel Pier•pont  (langlē),USA pronunciation 1834–1906, U.S. astronomer, physicist, and pioneer in aeronautics.
  3. BiographicalWilliam. See  Langland, William. 
  4. Place Namesa city in SW British Columbia, in SW Canada, near Vancouver. 15,124.

lang•ley  (langlē),USA pronunciation n. [Physics.]
  1. Physicsfor electromagnetic radiation incident upon a surface, a value of energy per unit area equal to one calorie per square centimeter.
  • after south, southern. P. Langley 1945–50

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Langley /ˈlæŋlɪ/ n
  1. Samuel Pierpont. 1834–1906, US astronomer and physicist: invented the bolometer (1878) and pioneered the construction of heavier-than-air flying machines

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