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aq•ua /ˈækwə, ˈɑkwə/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable]
  1. a light greenish blue color.

aqua-, prefix. 
  • aqua- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "water''. This meaning is found in such words as: aquaculture, aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, aqueous, aquifer.

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    aq•ua  (akwə, äkwə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  aq•uae (akwə, äkwə),USA pronunciation  aq•uas, adj. 
    1. [Chiefly Pharm.]
      • water.
      • a liquid.
      • a solution, esp. in water.
    2. a light greenish-blue color.

    1. having the color aqua.
    • Latin: water
    • Middle English 1350–1400

  • var. of  aqui-. 
    • probably origin, originally attributive use of aqua, or generalized from words in which it is etymologically the head noun of a phrase, as aquamarine, aquatint

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    aqua /ˈækwə/ n ( pl aquae /ˈækwiː/, aquas)
    1. water: used in compound names of certain liquid substances (as in aqua regia) or solutions of substances in water (as in aqua ammoniae), esp in the names of pharmacological solutions
    1. short for aquamarine
    Etymology: Latin: water

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