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con•niv•ance  (kə nīvəns),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act of conniving.
  2. Law
    • tacit encouragement or assent (without participation) to wrongdoing by another.
    • the consent by a person to a spouse's conduct, esp. adultery, that is later made the basis of a divorce proceeding or other complaint.
Also,  con•nivence. 
  • Latin connīventia. See connive, -ence, -ance
  • French)
  • earlier connivence ( 1590–1600

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connivance /kəˈnaɪvəns/ n
  1. the act or fact of conniving
  2. the tacit encouragement of or assent to another's wrongdoing, esp (formerly) of the petitioner in a divorce suit to the respondent's adultery

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