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cop•pice  (kopis),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. copse.
coppiced, adj. 
  • Vulgar Latin *colpātīcium cutover area, equivalent. to *colpāt(us) past participle of *colpāre to cut (see coup1) + -īcium -ice
  • Middle French copeis, Old French copeiz
  • late Middle English copies 1375–1425

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coppice /ˈkɒpɪs/ n
  1. a thicket or dense growth of small trees or bushes, esp one regularly trimmed back to stumps so that a continual supply of small poles and firewood is obtained
  1. (transitive) to trim back (trees or bushes) to form a coppice
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French copeiz, from couper to cut

ˈcoppiced adj

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