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fair•ly /ˈfɛrli/USA pronunciation   adv. 
  1. in a fair manner;
    impartially:We want you to judge fairly.
  2. moderately;
    to a large extent:a fairly heavy rain.

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fair•ly  (fârlē),USA pronunciation adv. 
  1. in a fair manner;
    justly or honestly;
  2. moderately;
    tolerably:a fairly heavy rain.
  3. properly;
    legitimately:a claim fairly made.
  4. clearly;
    distinctly:fairly seen.
  5. Dialect Terms[Chiefly Southern U.S.]
    • Dialect Termsactually;
      completely:The wheels fairly spun.
    • Dialect Termsalmost;
      practically:He slipped off the roof and fairly broke his neck.
  6. [Obs.]softly.
  7. [Obs.]courteously.
  • 1350–1400; Middle English; see fair1, -ly

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fairly /ˈfɛəlɪ/ adv
  1. (not used with a negative) moderately
  2. as deserved; justly
  3. (not used with a negative) positively; absolutely: the hall fairly rang with applause

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