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fos•sick  (fosik),USA pronunciation [Chiefly Australian.]
  1. Mining, British Termsto undermine another's digging;
    search for waste gold in relinquished workings, washing places, etc.
  2. British Termsto search for any object by which to make gain:to fossick for clients.

  1. British Termsto hunt;
    ferret out.
fossick•er, n. 
  • compare dialect, dialectal fossick troublesome person, fussick to bustle about, apparently fuss + -ick, variant of -ock 1850–55

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fossick /ˈfɒsɪk/ vb Austral NZ
  1. (intransitive) to search for gold or precious stones in abandoned workings, rivers, etc
  2. to rummage or search for (something)
Etymology: 19th Century: Australian, probably from English dialect fussock to bustle about, from fuss

ˈfossicker n


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