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good•man  (gŏŏdmən),USA pronunciation  n., pl.  -men. [Archaic.]
  1. the master of a household;
  2. (cap.) a title of respect used for a man below the rank of gentleman, esp. a farmer or yeoman.
  • 1125–75; Middle English; see good, -man

Good•man  (gŏŏdmən),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalBenjamin David  ("Benny''), 1909–86, U.S. jazz clarinetist and bandleader.

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    goodman /ˈɡʊdmən/ n ( pl -men) archaic
    1. a husband
    2. a man not of gentle birth: used as a title
    3. a master of a household

    Goodman /ˈɡʊdmən/ n
    1. Benny, full name Benjamin David Goodman. 1909–86, US jazz clarinetist and bandleader, whose treatment of popular songs created the jazz idiom known as swing

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