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hub /hʌb/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Mechanical Engineeringthe central part of a wheel, fan, propeller, etc.
  2. a focus of activity or authority;
    core:The city was the manufacturing hub.

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hub  (hub),USA pronunciation n., v.,  hubbed, hub•bing. 
  1. Mechanical Engineeringthe central part of a wheel, as that part into which the spokes are inserted.
  2. Mechanical Engineeringthe central part or axle end from which blades or spokelike parts radiate on various devices, as on a fan or propeller.
  3. Economicsa center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate;
    a focus of activity, authority, commerce, transportation, etc.:Chicago is a railroad hub.
  4. the Hub, Boston, Mass. (used as a nickname).
  5. the peg or hob used as a target in quoits and similar games.
  6. Electricityany one of the holes in an electrical panel, into which connections may be plugged.
  7. Currency[Coining.]a design of hardened steel in relief, used as a punch in making a die.
  8. Surveyinga stake bearing a tack used to mark a theodolite position.
  9. Metallurgya die forced into a metal blank.

  1. Metallurgyto stamp (a metal blank) with a hub.
  • perh. variant of hob1 1505–15
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged core, pivot, heart.

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hub /hʌb/ n
  1. the central portion of a wheel, propeller, fan, etc, through which the axle passes
  2. the focal point
  3. a device for connecting computers in a network
Etymology: 17th Century: probably variant of hob1

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