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op•por•tu•ni•ty /ˌɑpɚˈtunɪti, -ˈtyu-/USA pronunciation   n., pl.  -ties. 
  1. a favorable or good occasion or time (to do something):[countable]an opportunity to apologize.
  2. a situation, state, or condition that is favorable for attaining or achieving a goal, or that provides a good position or chance for success:[uncountable]a land of opportunity.
  3. a good chance or prospect:[countable]has many opportunities to succeed.
See -port-.
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op•por•tu•ni•ty  (op′ər to̅o̅ni tē, -tyo̅o̅-),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ties. 
  1. an appropriate or favorable time or occasion:Their meeting afforded an opportunity to exchange views.
  2. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
  3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.
  • Latin opportūnitās convenience, fitness, equivalent. to opportūn(us) (see opportune) + -itās- -ity
  • Middle French
  • Middle English opportunite 1350–1400

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opportunity /ˌɒpəˈtjuːnɪtɪ/ n ( pl -ties)
  1. a favourable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances
  2. a chance or prospect

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