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per•form /pɚˈfɔrm/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to carry out;
    do:[+ object]to perform surgery.
  2. to carry out in the proper manner:[+ object]The minister performed the marriage ceremony.
  3. to carry into effect;
    fulfill:[+ object]to perform a contract.
  4. Show Businessto act (a play, etc.), as on the stage;
    to play or sing a piece of music: [+ object]:That actor performed the part of Othello.[no object]For an amateur, she performed very well.
  5. to accomplish (an action involving skill or ability): [+ object]to perform a juggling act.[no object]This car performs poorly when the weather is hot.
per•form•er, n. [countable]See -form-.

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per•form  (pər fôrm),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. to carry out;
    do:to perform miracles.
  2. to go through or execute in the proper, customary, or established manner:to perform the marriage ceremony.
  3. to carry into effect;
    fulfill:Perform what you promise.
  4. Show Businessto act (a play, part, etc.), as on the stage, in movies, or on television.
  5. Show Business, Music and Danceto render (music), as by playing or singing.
  6. to accomplish (any action involving skill or ability), as before an audience:to perform a juggling act.
  7. to complete.

  1. to fulfill a command, promise, or undertaking.
  2. to execute or do something.
  3. Show Businessto act in a play:to perform in the role of Romeo.
  4. Music and Danceto perform music.
  5. Show Businessto go through any performance.
  6. Business(of loans, investments, etc.) to yield a profit;
    earn income.
per•forma•ble, adj. 
per•former, n. 
  • Anglo-French parformer, alteration (by association with forme form) of Middle French, Old French parfournir to accomplish. See per-, furnish
  • Middle English parformen 1250–1300
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged Perform, discharge, execute, transact mean to carry to completion a prescribed course of action.
      Perform is the general word, often applied to ordinary activity as a more formal expression than
      do, but usually implying regular, methodical, or prolonged application or work:to perform an exacting task.Discharge implies carrying out an obligation, often a formal or legal one:to discharge one's duties as a citizen.Execute means either to carry out an order or to carry through a plan or program:to execute a maneuver.Transact, meaning to conduct or manage, has commercial connotations:to transact business.
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged accomplish, achieve, effect.

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perform /pəˈfɔːm/ vb
  1. to carry out or do (an action)
  2. (transitive) to fulfil or comply with: to perform someone's request
  3. to present or enact (a play, concert, etc) before or otherwise entertain an audience: the group performed Hamlet
Etymology: 14th Century: from Anglo-Norman perfourmer (influenced by forme form), from Old French parfournir, from par- per- + fournir to provide; see furnish

perˈformable adj perˈformer n

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