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u•ti•lize /ˈyutəˌlaɪz/USA pronunciation   v. [+ object], -lized, -liz•ing. 
  1. to put to use, esp. to profitable or practical use:How can we best utilize our limited resources?
u•ti•li•za•tion /ˌyutələˈzeɪʃən/USA pronunciation  n. [uncountable]

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u•ti•lize  (yo̅o̅tl īz′),USA pronunciation v.t.,  -lized, -liz•ing. 
  1. to put to use;
    turn to profitable account:to utilize a stream to power a mill.
Also,[esp. Brit.,] uti•lise′.  uti•liz′a•ble, adj. 
u′ti•li•zation, n. 
uti•liz′er, n. 
  • French utiliser, equivalent. to utile useful (see utile) + -iser -ize
  • 1800–10
    See  use. 

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utilize, utilise /ˈjuːtɪˌlaɪz/ vb
  1. (transitive) to make practical or worthwhile use of

ˈutiˌlizable, ˈutiˌlisable adj ˌutiliˈzation, ˌutiliˈsation n ˈutiˌlizer, ˈutiˌliser n

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